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Services & Management


Call for Complete Show Estimating!

Our business is essentially a service industry.  And they key to providing good service to clients is engaged and happy people.  Our people love what they do and it shows.  As a company we foster and reward excellence and enthusiasm. Creativity is always encouraged.  


We hold group meetings prior every show with every PSC employee involved,

so that everyone has the big picture while pulling and prepping your show and while being onsite.  Having the big picture makes all the difference for our people.

Large Venue Video Projection

Widescreen Blends

4K or 3G HD/SDI Switching

Camera Packages and RoboCam Packages

Complete Virtual Event Webcasting Services

Studio Facilities in Phoenix with a Green Screen Room

Graphic Computers or Servers

Lighting and Scenic Design/Fabrication

Rigging Design & Weight Calculations

3D CAD Drafting and Photo Realistic Rendering

Shipping Services and Logistics

Union Management & Budgeting

General Sessions, Breakouts, Trade Shows

Multi room events and specialty staging

Power Generators and Distribution

FOH A1 Audio Engineers, A2 System Engineers, A2 Wireless Engineers, Video Engineers, EICs, Video Projectionists, Camera Operators, Cable Grips, Teleprompter Operators, Breakout Managers, Breakout Technicians, Band Techs, Lighting Designers, Technical Directors, Stage Managers, Project Managers, Talent/Act Advancement, Ryder Contract Fulfillment,

Studio Facility Crews for our Studios

remoteENG Pilots

Fully Licensed, Fully Insured, Over 25 years experience!

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