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PSC Scenery

We are proud to present six series of

elements for your creative consideration!


Our customizable scenery is design to fill space as economically as possible while creating a bright and colorful background look for both your audience and your camera shots.  On shows where more budget is available it is easier to design something creative that fills the shows needs.  But on shows where less budget is available often the option list and creativity is short. Our customizable and brand-able scenery is generic enough to be utilized in any setting and it is scalable for larger or smaller sized presentations. All of our elements can be illuminated by lighting or can be video projected with content. 

Hexagons Panels

These 4' diameter semi-transparent hexagon shaped panels are lightweight and easy to install. Customized 

fasteners allow the panels to be assembled in any configuration.  They typically fly from truss.

click on CAD drawing to download VW symbol

$45/per hexagon per week/show

click on CAD drawing to download VW symbol

6x8 Tiles

6'x8' and 4'x8' steel frames that can be put together in any configuration then get skinned with either taunt Spandex© fabric, Austrian Drape style pleated fabric, or custom printed Graphics.  We also have a 8' large circular opening for dramatic entrances.  These are both ground supported and flown regularly.

$100/per 6x8 per week/show

click on CAD drawing to download VW symbol

2x2 Columns

14' tall columns with 2'x2' detail sections. White 

Spandex© fabric illuminates magnificently with internal LED fixtures.  Various options possible.  

We also have 12" and 24" spacers - so you can make the columns and the stage all the same height or use

them to make everything stair step.  Ground supported item - not appropriate to fly.

$350/per Column per week/show

click on CAD drawing to download VW symbol

Cyc Panels

13’ and 15’ tall panels are available. The metal frames support a custom made Spandex© panel. The panel of fabric is stretched to create a seamless 5'6" wide section of "cyc," making a perfect surface for lighting or projection. The top and bottom sections of the frame are crescent shaped, meaning the panels may be configured in a concave or convex shape. Stitching & Corner detail makes for a more interesting background than a traditional cyc.  Our Cyc Panels can be ground supported or flown, both work great!

$350/per Cyc Panel per week/show

click on CAD drawing to download VW symbol

AV Frames

14' tall 2"x2" extruded square brushed steel frames with smooth Spandex© projection areas . These frames have been designed to work as individual scenic pieces or as an entire set and each can be positioned in either an "A" or "V" orientation. These can be grouped with a large overlapping GFX from frame to frame for a dramatic effect.  Ground supported item - not appropriate to fly.

$350/per "A" Frame per week/show

click on CAD drawing to download VW symbol

Sinatra Frames

These 4' square-ish panels are an opaque white frame with an open center section that can be open ( so you can see through ) or can hold either an Austrian Drape fabric center or a Wire Mesh center.  Both can be front & rear lit for mixing and center separation from the opaque outer frame.  Very dramatic and versatile.    Typically flown from truss but can be ground supported.  

$45/per Sinatra Frame per week/show

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