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need GEAR for your event?

great gear - great costs - great service!

Lighting Equipment Moving Lights Pacific Staging Company
Any Size Displays, Confidence Monitors Pacific Staging
New remoteENG3 11.1.20.png
Video Switcher Camera Switching Pacific Staging Company
Audio Equipment Rental Pacific Staging Company
Lighting Equipment, Lighting Board, Faders, Dimmers Pacific Staging Company
Line Array, Audio Equipment Rentals, Speakers Pacific Staging Company
Camera Equipment, IMAG (Image Magnification), Robocam, Live Streams Pacific Staging Company
Wireless Microphones Audio Equipment Rentals Pacific Staging Company

Can we prepare an estimate for you?

Video Projection - Panasonic, Christie, BARCO

Widescreen Blends

4K or 3G HD/SDI Switching - Broadcast Packages

Camera Packages, RoboCam Packages, Long Lenses

Complete Event Webcasting Services & Studio Facilities

Graphic Computers or Servers

Full Lighting Systems - VariLite, ETC, Martin, etc

General Sessions, Breakouts, Trade Shows

Multi Room Events ( Virtual & LIVE ) and Specialty Staging

Power Generators and Distribution

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