Our platforms create an environment

for production companies to produce

live or simulated live large scale virtual events

supported by a full production staff and crew

enjoying intuitive multi-location

multi-platform communication solutions

Technology challenges should not

get in the way of the creative

that's Virtual Production Made Easy!

Our Platform

Fully programmable with

routable communications

In addition to our complete virtual studio

capabilities we connect everyone involved on

infinite numbers of communication channels

that operate both simultaneously and parallel

to the WebStream output to facilitate

complex customizable communication needs

of sophisticated clients

This differentiates us from others

and is incredibly powerful

Zoom Type Platform

No way for production to communicate adequately


our six core

We are putting



Our unique real time collorborative team approach

to webcasting makes serious corporate production

possible and mimics the production workflow used in

live event production currently while utilizing broadcast

TV and News style production values and effects

All of the assistance, nurturing and executive services

we are accustomed to delivering are now available

you have a SERIOUS message

we have a SERIOUS solution

Let's get together!

Control Studios


Each designed to seat 6-9 Operators

ROSS Carbonite Ultra 2ME Broadcast Switcher

BARCO Gen2E2 Switcher with Controller

Rack Mounted Computers for PTP Connections

Full Compliment of Studio Gear

Yamaha QL5 Digital Console

12 Shure Digital Wireless Mic Combo Kits

Clearcom FreeSpeak

Shure IFB Units

Climate Controlled

Custom VTM Communications Routing

Custom Studios setup per event basis as needed

Example of 9 Operator Custom Studio setup for an event


Green Screen

Permanently installed seamless Green Screen

Panasonic 4K/1080p Broadcast Camera

Through lens Teleprompting Glass System

Video and Audio Confidence Monitors

Contactless Ceiling Installed Shotgun Mics

Ambient Acoustically Quiet Studio

In Ear IFB Communications

Even Lighting utilizing Cool LED Fixtures

Climate Controlled


Breakouts/Mini Studios

Individual Mini Studios per room

Broadcast Manager & Station at No Cost

Dedicated Direct/Engineer per room

3 Computers with Licensed Software per room

Digital Audio with IFB and Foldback Capibilities

Q&A, Polling and Chat Capabilities

DSM Views Pushed From PSC System

Redundant Backup Audio Bridge

Thirds and Keys for Presenters and Sponsors

1Gb Symmetrical Commercial Internet

Innovative One Piece Interview System

Remote High Quality Image & Audio Capture

Ships In Custom Designed & Cut Pelican Case

Remotely Controlled from Phoenix

We Control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Lighting, Audio

Digital Audio, Foldback & IFB

Composited DSM Displays Pushed from Phoenix


Panasonic 4K/1080p IP Professional Camera

Vibration Resistant Shotgun Microphone

IP Remote Controlled LED Lighting 

13" Display pushed from Phoenix

20 Watt Powered Stereo Sound Bar

On Board Central Control NUC Computer


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