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Scenic Parts

While many of the live events we produce involve creating custom designed sets from scratch, we also offer a large variety of stock scenic elements and generic set pieces that look beautiful on stage and can be easily integrated into the theme of any event using signage, lighting or projection. For more information about any of our scenic pieces, click on one the pictures below to open a printable PDF document in a new window. Right Click and select "...Save Link As" to download the PDF to your computer.

PSC Scenery is perfect for video projection

Light Columns

These 4' diameter semi-transparent hexagon panels are lightweight and easy to install. Customized fasteners allow the panels to be assembled in virtually any configuration, including a single widescreen surface for lighting or video projection. Whether you use a lot of hexagons and fly the whole set or a few hexagons and ground support, the visual impact of these scenic panels is immense.

Light Columns Click to see our Hexagon Panels

Light Tiles

6' x 8' and 4' x 8' OD steel frames with smooth white or pleated "Austrian Drape" style fabric. Both are suitable for lighting and the smooth white fabric makes an excellent video projection surface. The Tiles can also accomodate custom printed graphics. They can be arranged individually or in combinations to create miscellaneous shapes and sizes. The Tiles can be flown and ground supported.

Light Tiles Click to see our Columns

Light Columns

14' tall - 2' x 2' Square pattern steel frames with white muslin lining to create light towers. +12" and +24" spacers are available to elevate the columns to create even or uneven heights. Can be used vertically or horizontally. The Light Columns are ground supported.

Light Columns Click to see our Columns

Cyc Panels

13’ and 15’ tall panels available. The metal frame supports a custom made Spandex© panel. The panel of fabric is stretched to create a seamless 5' 6" wide section of "cyc," making a perfect surface for intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures. The top and bottom sections of the frame are cresecent shaped, meaning the panels may be configured in a concave or convex shape. Our Cyc Panels can be ground supported or flown, both work great!

Cyc Panels Click to see our Cyc Panels

"A " Frames

14' Tall 2" x 2" Extruded square brushed steel frames with scrim for lighting. These frames have been designed to work as individual scenic pieces or as an entire set and each can be positioned in either an "A" or "V" orientation. The scrim on the frames can also be replaced with custom signage upon request. The "A" Frames are ground supported.

A Frames Set Click to see our A Frames

Aluminum Squares

2' x 2' x 1" Extruded square brushed aluminum squares with a white translucent backing. These squares are strung in vertical columns. Columns are modular and can be strung in any length desired. The Aluminum Sqaures are flown.

Aluminum Square Set Pieces Click to see our Squares


Pacific Staging offers a wide variety of lecterns to match your set design. Most lecterns are available in pairs. View an interactive gallery showing our available lectern styles. Dimensions for lectern signage are included.


Stage Configurations

Numerous looks and feels and be accomplished at almost no cost by creating an interesting stage shape utilizing venue risers and custom PSC stage plugs. Shapes, levels, and step units are the basic building blocks. Download a PDF of some of our custom riser configurations to get started!

PSC Custom Stage Riser Configurations PSC Custom Stage Riser Configurations