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Stage Green

"It ain't easy being green!" The live events industry is certainly no exception, but we're working hard to minimize our impact on the environment.

At our events, we are committed to replacing conventional lighting fixtures with modern LED fixtures in our lighting design wherever possible. LEDs . . .

  • Are rated to last up to 50 times longer than conventional bulbs
  • Use up to 90% less electricity than conventional fixtures
  • Lower cooling costs by emitting substantially less heat and UV radiation
  • Eliminate the need to transport large dimmer racks and heavy cable trunks required by the conventional fixtures they replace

The live event industry consumes hundreds of thousands of batteries every year to power equipment such as wireless microphones. We replace our batteries long before they are fully drained to avoid issues mid-presentation. We recycle used batteries according to Arizona regulations and never throw them into the trash. Additionally, we make our partially used batteries available to our clients and employees to use at home in things like remotes, flashlights and video game controllers.

Our stock scenic elements are fabricated from low impact materials including recycled aluminum. They are designed with reusability in mind. Using our stock scenic parts is a quick and affordable solution, and because they have already been fabricated, your set can be customized without having to consume any new materials. Instead, we utilize dynamic lighting effects and motion graphics as tools to create new and unique experiences for every event.

At our office we use Energy Star rated equipment, including printers, copiers, computers, monitors and servers. We rely heavily on electronic documents such as PDFs to reduce paper waste. We actively participate in our community recycling programs. We utilize low power florescent lighting to light our workplace and power off all of our equipment when not in use.

We realize that ours is a small step in the right direction, but reducing our impact on the planet is something we take seriously. We hope to lead by example and motivate others in our industry to do the same. Be green. Be responsible. Be committed.

Reducing our impact on the environment to protect plants like these